Case Study - Special Projects

"We were charged with the responsibility to develop a significant portion of the Covent Garden Market, but didn't have the required expertise. We hired John to assist us because our earlier dealings with him had shown us that he was committed to finding solutions. John's strongest points are his ethics and credibility and I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him for any project."

Paul H. Cocker, Chairman & CEO
McKay-Cocker Construction Limited

Description of Services (Project 1):

The general contractor of the new Covent Garden Market in downtown London owned a significant amount of the space in the facility. It wanted to sell its portion of the facility to ensure that there would be a single owner of the entire market. To create value in order to achieve a sale, it was necessary to secure tenants for its space.


worked with company management in the negotiation of leases for the entire space
assisted in the completion of the lease process
negotiated with the City of London the terms of the sale of the facility to the City


A successful sale was achieved on a WIN:WIN basis for the client, the Covent Garden Market and the City of London.

Description of Services (Project 2):

A large commercial firm owned a significant non-core land holding in a small resort town. The property had been acquired with plans to develop vacation properties but it was mired in municipal bureaucracy and a weakened real estate market. The investment had lost its lustre and hope.


guided the project through meetings with town council and neighbors and negotiated a new
  development agreement
developed an exit strategy which defined the best use and market for the land
implemented the strategy through several transactions


The land was severed, parceled and sold to major purchasers. The client was able to achieve a satisfactory exit. The municipality gained through subsequent development of the site.


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