Case Study - Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

"CCG assisted us with the process of building, then selling our company. Their knowledge and expertise took us from being a small player with reasonable profits to a large player with a bigger payout for our shareholders than we could have ever imagined."

Donald H. Swift, Chairman,
TigerTel Communications Inc.

Description of Services:

A small public communications required merger & acquisition direction, support, and financial management to work through several business acquisitions. The project culminated in a reverse take-over of a larger TSE listed company.


gathered and reviewed data to investigate industry
restructured corporate organization and structure for optimum results
counseled external legal and internal management team for sale efficacy
designed and planned a transition plan
assisted with the final sale into a larger public company


We completed several successful acquisitions and then sold the company. All new businesses were integrated successfully. Within five years, the market value of the original company had increased by 1500%. The shareholder's original investment was converted back to cash with a handsome rate of return.


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