Founded in 1993, Callaghan Consulting Group offers balanced objective, financial advisory services for situations that are outside the scope of your current human resources or knowledge base.

We can act quickly to protect, nurture and grow your valuable assets.

Whether you are a small business with a special project or an organization with sales of $50 million, Callaghan Consulting Group can deliver results. We assess client obstacles and guarantee the delivery of successful solutions.

Callaghan Consulting Group has clients in Canada and the U.S. as well as business experience in Japan, Germany and the Caribbean.

The Society was formed in 1993 when the Sisters of St. Joseph made the decision to cease being directly involved in the administration of the hospitals they funded in Sarnia, Chatham and London.

In 1993, John Callaghan became a Director and Treasurer of the newly incorporated St. Joseph’s Health Care Society (“Society”). By 1997 this organization contracted his full practice to manage the Society. In 2002, John was appointed its Executive Director.

The Society is an incorporated body, made up of volunteer members, which owns two hospitals in Chatham and London, Ontario, operates the St. Joseph’s Hospice Resource Centre of Sarnia Lambton, St. Joseph’s Hospice, London as well supports other health ministries. The hospitals were founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph and bear the name “St. Joseph’s Hospital” or “St. Joseph’s Health Care”.

As owner of the hospitals, hospices and supporters of other ministries, we seek to serve as good stewards, paying specific attention, in a compassionate and collaborative manner, to issues of social justice in the management of the hospitals and in the delivery of care. Guided by the Gospel and Tradition, we actively ensure all faiths and belief-systems have the right and opportunity to express themselves during the experience of illness and care. We strive to listen to all voices, seek inclusiveness, and balance the needs of the unique individual with the common good of the community. As leaders, we maintain a faith in people, hope in the future, and comfort in the goodness of the health care ministry.

The society owns and sponsors the following health care organizations:


  • St. Joseph's Health Care, London
  • St. Joseph's Hospital, a member of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance
  • St. Joseph's Hospice of Sarnia Lambton (founded 2005)
  • St. Joseph's Hospice of London (organized 2012)



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